Jennifer Dickie



Jennifer is a carpenter by trade, a geologist by training, and a teacher by choice. As a skilled trades-woman, science-educator, and facilitator with over 30 years of experience, her skills in facilitation have been formed in many and varied settings with people of all ages from construction sites and wilderness programs to school classrooms and adult professional learning communities. Jennifer’s skills have been developed experientially from the ground up. The common thread in Jennifer’s careers is her passion for listening and learning the needs of the community around her. She is always seeking to find the connection that moves a group, a class, or an organization forward. She has trained in facilitation models that hold equity at the center focusing on what is needed to move not just forward but always toward equity.

Jennifer has developed and directed an advisory program for middle grades learners, served as a diversity and equity coach and trainer, facilitated professional learning communities, and designed DE&I professional development for adult educators and classroom guidance for adolescents and teens. Jennifer serves on the board of trustees for the Friends School of Atlanta. She volunteers with the Global Village Project in Decatur, GA and the Trans Housing Coalition, in Atlanta, GA. She serves in myriad capacities for her Quaker faith community and is currently the clerk of the Atlanta Friends Meeting.