Mashona Council

Catalyst, Owner of Council Consulting

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Mashona Council has a long, successful track record of enhancing the performance of individual executives, teams and organizations. She has been fortunate to work in her passion and impact the lives of children, families and communities through her work with youth development nonprofit organizations around the country and abroad. Beginning as a college volunteer with the Boys and Girls Clubs and through the years leading programs for youth development organizations, she has seen and experienced a wide range of organizational efficiencies and inefficiencies.

Recognizing that organizations do not fail because of a lack of passion and commitment, but rather a lack of sustainable and capacity-building practices in the areas of staff training, program and curriculum development and evaluation remains the motivation behind her facilitation approach.

Mashona has facilitated professional development training at Boys and Girls Club Keystone Conferences, Association of C5 Youth Programs Annual Summit, Crossroads for Kids summer staff training, and the National Afterschool Association. She is also a certified Weikart Center for Youth trainer.  Mashona is currently a field consultant with the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) where she travels around the country and facilitates workshops and sessions geared toward high-quality program design, program reflection and evaluation as well as systematic community-building. Locally, she has facilitated community conversations, staff retreats with an emphasis on team-building and professional development workshops.

Her facilitation style is rooted in the experiential learning theory, developed by Kolb, which is a holistic perspective that combines experience, perception, cognition, and behavior. In response to the organization/program’s needs and objectives, intentional outcome-based experiences are designed and facilitated with consideration of multiple intelligences and learning styles.