Patrice Holt

Catalyst, Founding Director of Start2Soar


Patrice Holt has over 20 years of experience as nonprofit management leader, large group facilitation, adult and youth engaged learning expert. She uses best practices, practical experience, and feedback from stakeholders to develop proven strategies and innovative techniques to increase program quality and help create fresh resources for new professionals.  She has a passion for coaching the new generation of youth development leaders that will advance the movement for more positive IMPACT on children and youth, their families, and their communities.

Patrice served in multiple roles within The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Atlanta. Beginning her career in direct services, Patrice led multiple academic success initiatives that resulted in 98% graduation rate for the organization, an increase of 23%. During that time, Patrice created a coaching program which assisted front line staff with the opportunity to increase skills, knowledge, and abilities.  This led to decreased turnover in staff, increase in Commitment to Quality ratings, and improved relationships with community partners.

Patrice served as Program Coordinator for The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater, during which time, the organization saw an increase in partnerships with large national partnerships including leading the pilot program of the Target sponsored Ever-fi financial literacy project for the American branch of The Salvation Army, culminating in a celebration with Colonel Ron Busroe and Judge Glenda Hatchett.  Additionally, Patrice served as the Interim Executive Director of the organization managing a team of 30, supporting an executive board of advisors, and the successful transition of executive leadership. Patrice was responsible for securing and managing several grants for The Salvation Army Bellwood Boys & Girls Club. Patrice’s leadership has led to an increase in sustained achievement for youth, their families, and the community throughout her career.

In 2018, Patrice founded Start2Soar, whose purpose is to create a network of adults that are dedicated to becoming champions for youth.  Start2Soar, also works to increase quality, achieve desired outcomes and to create sustained diversity, equity, and belonging within organizations and communities. She is the recipient of the inaugural Leadership Award at the 2018 Georgia After-school and Youth Development Conference due to her work in leading and progressing after-school services throughout Georgia.  In 2018, Patrice also received a special Outstanding Service award from The Salvation Army Metro Atlanta Area Command.  Patrice currently serves as a Quality Coach for Georgia Statewide After-school Network and as a consultant for HTI Catalysts, leading projects with Georgia Family Connection Partnership, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Black Teacher Collaborative, Georgia Statewide Afterschool Network. She has partnered with other businesses supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion development work in charter schools across Atlanta.

During Patrice’s career, she has been instrumental in supporting organizations and teams as their organizations implement turnaround strategies that create sustained positive change for youth, their families, and the greater communities. 

Patrice is a native Georgian, raised in Cochran, Georgia. She attended Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia and studied Journalism and communications, where her love of grassroots organizations and activism began.  Patrice enjoys volunteering for local community initiatives, reading novels, and traveling. Patrice lives in Douglasville, Georgia with her husband, AJ.