In 1992, Folami and a small group of friends and colleagues founded HOME, Inc. – Helping Our Minds Expand.  At the start, HOME was a grassroots effort. Their first initiative was a HOME Hotline – you could call the hotline to hear about mind-expanding events happening across the city of Atlanta. HOME’s founders would pick up every flyer they saw in their weekly travels and Folami would record a message twice a week promoting those culturally affirming and educational events that would otherwise go unknown by the masses. 

It was out of that grassroots effort that the HOME Training Institute was born. Folami authored SETCLAE – Self-Esteem Through Culture Leads to Academic Excellence -, a 32-session curriculum for grades K- 12. In 1989, she partnered with Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu, President of African-American Images to train others to promote, implement and train educators using SETCLAE in schools and youth programs. That work led to the creation of The HOME Training Institute.

In 2015 HOME Training Institute evolved to become HTI Catalysts, a network of independent consultants committed to expanding their reach and skillsets by working in partnership to deliver the HTI way with the shared mission in mind – to utilize facilitative experiences to shift leaders and communities towards equity and shared visioning and ultimately impact change.

With the launch of our first public offering Listening 4 Justice in 2020, the introduction of our catalytic learning community (formerly the practitioner’s circle of Catalysts), the creation of an Instructional Design certification program, and enhanced project cycle processes, we have tripled our size and enriched our areas of expertise in ways that will drive the impact of our work manyfold. 


          • Collaboration
          • Innovation/Creativity/Evolution
          • Centered on Strengths
          • Human Relationships
          • Service to Others
          • Trust


            • Bring Intentional Energy
            • Have Honorable Accountability
            • Ask for what you Need
            • Learn and Teach
            • Adhere to Responsible Truth Telling
            • Lift up and elevate
            • Bring your whole Self
            • Commit to Growth


  • We listen first and keep our eyes on the prize. 
  • We walk a mile in your shoes. 
  • We start where you are. 
  • We model excellence. 
  • We practice what we preach. 
  • We are intentional about knowing who our audience is and what they need most.
  • We create safe spaces, both emotionally and physically, that allow for maximum engagement from our participants.
  • We focus on the process without prioritizing the process over the people.
  • We intentionally use the experiential learning cycle. 
  • We are flexible and ever-evolving while remaining true to our identity.