HTI Catalysts

About Us

HTI Catalysts is a collaborative network of consultants that provides facilitation and professional development that leads to powerful cultural shifts and enhanced communities of accountability. Our primary partners are schools, foundations, youth programs and community-based organizations. HTI has consistently enhanced organizational capacity by providing meeting facilitation, skill-building, leadership coaching and program design since 1993. 

Our primary aim is to impact schools & communities, equity & cultural justice, and high-quality youth programming. Catalysts facilitate sessions in partnership with stakeholders which foster communication and connection, cultivate cultural awareness, and enhance the skills of participants.

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Our Mission

To create and hold spaces that build community, evoke organizational shifts, and promote cultural justice.

Our Vision

A world where listening, learning, and leading result in life-affirming systemic change.

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The Catalysts wrote a word to describe the HTI Network on paddles. 

The Core Team: 
HTI’s core team, a group of experienced professionals, oversees “The HTI Way,” a project execution system built for excellence, efficiency, and collaboration. They manage a network of independent consultants (Catalysts) who gain training, project opportunities, and collaboration through membership in the network.

The Core Team consists of: 
• Dr. Folami Prescott-Adams, CEO
• Kimberle Collins, Operations Manager
• Jarrod Walker, Design & Technology
• Amara Lynch, Catalysts Professional Learning Lead
• David Littles, LMS Development Lead

Listening 4 Justice: An experience and a community