Better Schools & Communities

Better is relative. We facilitate conversations with school communities and the broader community members they partner with to provide high-quality and holistic educational experiences for children. We are there to support their attentiveness to getting to better as they define it for themselves.

Over the years, HTI has engaged with diverse stakeholders, facilitated experiences that transformed organizational processes and personal practices while simultaneously building and growing communities. 

We partner with organizations to foster academic excellence for all, build a culture of student support, equip leaders and staff, and create a system of support for schools.

We use our shared knowledge and experience to create a caring culture of equity, trust, and collaboration. Our process remains our best product.


  • We abide by a group of core principles in our training model.
  • We engage in multi-modal methods and interact with our participants.
  • We believe having fun is energizing for everyone.
  • We are purposeful and fresh in our approach.
  • We inspire positive change in people and organizations.
  • Our practices and content are evidence-based.