Jarrod Walker

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With HTI since 2020

Something unique about me:

I am a foodie who used to cater (cake decorating was my thing!) and I love to travel. 

Professional Affiliations

• AchieveIt Educational Services
• LaShasta Bell, LLC
• Hattiloo Theatre
• Covenant Community Inc.
• Georgia Alliance of Black School Educators


Area(s) of Expertise:

Graphic design & Branding

Current HTI Projects:

  • Listening 4 Justice
    HTI Catalysts


Jarrod Walker, an imaginative trailblazer, is the creative force behind Beyond-The-Work, a boutique firm specializing in graphic design and branding. Fueled by an inherent passion for creativity, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 21.

Over time, Jarrod has immersed himself in event coordination, theater direction, administrative support, and product launches. Whether orchestrating weddings, plays, or other significant life/organizational events, his ability to infuse creativity into every project is the driving force behind his success.

As an accomplished professional, designer, and consultant, he is dedicated to crafting unparalleled experiences for his clients and audiences. For Jarrod Walker, the possibilities are boundless when creativity takes center stage, and his journey continues to be a testament to the transformative power of artistic innovation.

BUSINESS – Beyond-The-Work

Beyond-The-Work is a boutique firm specializing in graphic design and branding. We provide tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes, utilizing creative strategies to ease burdens and elevate brand presence. Our role is to support clients in maintaining balance, offering partnership and guidance to help them thrive professionally while preserving work-life harmony. We believe in supporting executives to achieve success without compromising their well-being.